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Have all new Innovations and QualityTools delivered directly to your favorite RSS reader.

What is RSS?

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a popular way to have the new content on a website delivered to your browser as soon as it is available. It also lets you bring the content from multiple sites you visit in to a single place for you to read. Popular web browsers, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari, allow you to subscribe to these RSS "feeds" directly in your browser, or you can use special programs called RSS readers (also news readers, news aggregators). The Health Care Innovations Exchange RSS feed delivers titles and summaries from the latest issue and links back to the articles posted on the Health Care Innovations Exchange web site.

RSS readers within browsers: These browsers automatically detect RSS feeds on websites by displaying an icon on the toolbar. You can read RSS feeds directly in the browser, scan for items of interest to you, and filter your view with search terms or site-specific categories.

  Internet Explorer icon image   Internet Explorer has a built-in RSS reader. Learn more. External Web Site Policy
  Firefox icon image   Firefox also has a built-in RSS reader called Live Bookmarks. Learn more. External Web Site Policy
  Chrome icon image   Chrome can integrate an RSS reader into the Omnibox. Learn more. External Web Site Policy
  Safari icon image   Safari has a built-in RSS reader. Learn more. External Web Site Policy

How do I use an RSS Reader other than my web browser?

Select and download an RSS reader that will allow you to collect and display RSS feeds. Many free readers are available. Search the Web for "news aggregator" or "RSS reader" to locate a reader to download. Please follow your specific RSS reader's instructions for setting up an RSS Feed.