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What's New | March 16, 2011

eMedication Monitoring eMedication Monitoring
Electronic systems and devices are increasingly being used to monitor and evaluate medication-related processes such as ordering, administration, and medication reconciliation.

The featured Innovations describe three programs that utilized electronic systems in various ways to improve medication safety, reduce costs, and increase medication adherence.

The featured QualityTools provide information and guidelines related to telepharmacy, medication reconciliation, and safe, appropriate medication use among older adults.
Featured Innovations:
Featured QualityTools:

 How-To Guide for Telepharmacy
Developed by North Dakota State Board of Pharmacy; North Dakota State University

 Medication Reconciliation Essential Data Specifications
Developed by National Transitions of Care Coalition

 Medication Use Safety Training (MUST) for Seniors™
Developed by National Council on Patient Information and Education

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Also in This Issue:
Innovations >
QualityTools >

 Incorporating Health Information Technology Into Workflow Redesign: Summary Report
Developed by The Center for Quality and Productivity Improvement, University of Wisconsin- Madison

 LGBTQ Communities: Motivation to Quit Smoking

Developed by National LGBT Tobacco Control Network

 Livingston Help for Seniors Toolkit
Developed by Genesee Valley Health Partnership

 Rapid HIV Testing
Developed by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention