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What's New | April 14, 2010

Waste Reduction
Reducing waste and improving efficiency in health care delivery can reduce costs and improve health care quality. Inefficient processes waste limited health care resources that could otherwise improve health outcomes. Improvement strategies include implementing evidence-based practices and improving clinical process design and management.

The featured Innovations describe three programs that implemented activities to reduce waste and improve health care delivery processes.

The featured QualityTools provide health care organizations with resources and tools to identify and reduce waste and track associated cost savings. 
Featured Innovations:
Featured QualityTools:

 Increasing Efficiency and Enhancing Value in Health Care: Ways to Achieve Savings in Operating Costs per Year
Developed by Institute for Healthcare Improvement

 Quality Improvement Savings Tracker Worksheet
Developed by Institute for Healthcare Improvement; Sigma Aldrich

 Reduce Waste, Fraud, and Abuse in Health Care: Fact Sheet
Developed by AARP

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QualityTools >

 Is the Community Oriented Correctional Health Services Program Right for Your Community?
Developed by Community Oriented Correctional Health Services

 Patient Flow Toolbox
Developed by Institute for Healthcare Improvement

 What You Can Do to Avoid Medication Errors
Developed by Institute of Medicine