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What's New | February 01, 2012

Remote Monitoring of Chronic Conditions Remote Monitoring of Chronic Conditions
Ongoing monitoring of chronically ill individuals, especially older patients, can allow providers to intervene in a timely fashion, helping to prevent exacerbations and complications, reduce care costs, and keep patients in their homes. However, relatively few health systems have the capacity to monitor chronically ill individuals who live in the community.

The featured Innovations describe three programs that used remote monitoring devices or equipment to track patients' health conditions in community settings.

The featured QualityTools provide resources designed to set up remote health care programs, including retinopathy screening and telehealth centers.
Featured Innovations:
Featured QualityTools:

 Diabetic Retinopathy Screening Practice Guide
Developed by California Telemedicine and eHealth Center; University of California Berkeley Clinical Research Center, School of Optometry

 Telehealth Technology Assessment Center Toolkits
Developed by Telehealth Technology Assessment Center

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