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Health System Offers Routine Tests Without Need for Physician Order, Enhancing Access for Small but Growing Number of Satisfied Patients 4/23/2014
A health system allows patients to receive certain routine laboratory tests without a physician's order, enhancing access to these tests and generating positive feedback.
Becoming a High Reliability Organization: Operational Advice for Hospital Leaders 12/18/2013
This document is written for hospital leaders interested in providing safer and higher quality care. It presents the thoughts, successes, and failures of hospital leaders who have used concepts of high reliability to make patient care better.
Designing and Implementing Medicaid Care Management Programs: A User’s Guide 12/18/2013
The Medicaid Care Management Guide helps States design, implement, and evaluate care management programs for the chronically ill.
Diabetes Cost Calculator for Employers 9/16/2009
Employers can use this tool to estimate how much diabetes costs them and the potential savings that would result from better management of diabetes.
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Last updated: April 23, 2014.