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School System Renovates High School Track and Promotes Its Availability to the Community, Leading to Increased Use by Students and Residents 7/30/2014
A public school system renovated the athletic track at the system's only high school and promoted it as an attractive place to exercise, leading to increased use of the track by students, individual residents, and community groups, and to anecdotal reports of weight loss and improved cardiovascular health.
County, City, and Community Agencies Support Childcare Centers and Parents in Improving Nutrition and Physical Activity Habits of Preschoolers 7/16/2014
Local government agencies and nonprofit groups improved the nutrition and physical activity practices of childcare centers by refurbishing a local park, training staff on healthy eating and exercise, and planting gardens at each center.
Heritage Month Toolkit 11/14/2012
This toolkit provides community leaders with materials to facilitate the planning and implementation of their culturally tailored tobacco control activities.
Fit Together: You & Your Family 9/14/2011
This section of the Fit Together Web site provides tools that can be used by individuals and families to help make healthy changes.
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Last updated: September 10, 2014.