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Community Coalition Connects Medical Practices to Community Resources, Leading to Improved Asthma and Diabetes Outcomes in At-Risk Populations 3/12/2014
King County Steps to Health connected medical practices to community resources by encouraging organizations to work together to identify common messages, leverage resources, and develop programs for populations at risk for diabetes, asthma, and obesity.
Clinics Offer Culturally Tailored Diabetes Education and Culturally Appropriate Care to Ethiopian Patients, Leading to More Engagement, Better Outcomes, and Reduction of Health Disparities 1/29/2014
A large health plan offered a 6-month program featuring culturally tailored educational classes and materials and the integration of culturally sensitive approaches into everyday care, leading to increased cultural sensitivity among staff, more engaged patients, and better health outcomes, and contributing (along with other programs) to the elimination of racial disparities.
Counselor-Led House Calls Reduce Symptoms and Hospitalizations, Improve Quality of Life Among Elders With Depression 1/15/2014
Home visits from counselors reduce depression symptoms and hospitalizations, and they improve quality of life among homebound elders with mild depression and adults with epilepsy.
Online Patient Access to Visit Notes Generates Positive Early Reviews From Patients and Primary Care Physicians 10/23/2013
Primary care doctors offer patients online access to office visit notes, generating high levels of satisfaction and multiple benefits for both patients and physicians.
Culturally Competent Outreach Programs Increase Cervical Cancer Screening Among Chinese Women 9/25/2013
The Chinese Women's Health Project used two approaches to promote cervical cancer screening among Chinese women—mailing Chinese-language written materials to women and home visits by bicultural, trilingual outreach workers.
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Last updated: April 09, 2014.