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Online Tools and Services Activate Plan Enrollees and Engage Them in Their Care, Enhance Efficiency, and Improve Satisfaction and Retention 4/9/2014
An array of Web-based, interactive tools and services, including an online, shared health record, empowers health plan enrollees to take greater responsibility for their health and health care.
Family Violence Prevention Program Significantly Improves Ability to Identify and Facilitate Treatment for Patients Affected by Domestic Violence 1/29/2014
Kaiser Permanente Northern California's Family Violence Prevention Program seeks to improve the identification, prevention, and treatment of domestic violence through a coordinated "systems model" approach, which includes a supportive environment that encourages disclosure of domestic violence to providers, routine screening of high-risk patients, referrals to onsite and community mental health services, and linkages to community resources.
Multifaceted Program Featuring Guideline, Training, and Incentives Reduces Prescribing of High-Dose Opioid Therapy in Patients With Chronic Pain 1/15/2014
A large health plan's multifaceted program promotes appropriate prescribing and monitoring of opioid therapy for patients with chronic pain not caused by cancer, leading to enhanced physician knowledge and confidence related to prescribing, greater use of care plans and drug screening, and fewer patients on high-dose therapy.
Online Patient Access to Visit Notes Generates Positive Early Reviews From Patients and Primary Care Physicians 10/23/2013
Primary care doctors offer patients online access to office visit notes, generating high levels of satisfaction and multiple benefits for both patients and physicians.
Senior Center Provides Coaching and Self-Management Support to Community-Dwelling Elders, Reducing Disability Days and Hospitalizations and Enhancing Activities of Daily Living 10/23/2013
A senior center–based practitioner meets with functionally independent, community-dwelling seniors to assess risk factors and develop a targeted self-management plan, and conducts followup visits and telephone calls with the seniors over a 6-month period to help them adhere to the plan. The program has led to fewer disability days and risk factors for disability, improved self-reported health status and ability to perform activities of daily living, and reduced inpatient utilization.
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Last updated: April 09, 2014.