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Archived Policy State Medicaid Program Adopts Multiple Policies to Significantly Increase Screening Rates and Enhance Access to Services for Young Children at Risk of Developmental Disabilities 7/30/2014
The Oregon Health Authority (which oversees the State Medicaid program) initiated a series of policy changes to promote earlier detection, more effective referrals, and better coordination of care for pediatric patients with developmental delays, leading to a significant increase in screening rates and enhanced access to early intervention services.
Policy State Medicaid Program Pays Additional Capitated Fee to Integrated Primary Care and Mental Health Homes, Leading to Better Outcomes and Lower Costs 7/2/2014
The Missouri Medicaid Health Home program provides capitated payments to primary care and mental health medical homes that adopt an integrated staffing model that allows patients to receive both medical and mental health care, leading to better health outcomes and lower utilization and costs.
Getting Started. . . Planning, Implementing and Evaluating Culturally and Linguistically Competent Service Delivery Systems for Children With Special Health Needs and their Families, Implications for Policy Makers and Administrators 12/18/2013
This four-page checklist is part of a series designed to assist organizations and systems of care in developing policies, structures, and practices that support cultural and linguistic competence. It focuses on the delivery of services and supports to children with special health care needs and to their families.
How to Develop a Statewide System to Link Families With Community Resources: A Manual Based on "Help Me Grow" 3/28/2012
Based on Connecticut's "Help Me Grow" Initiative, this online manual offers guidance for exploring, creating, and/or enhancing a single-point-of-access system to connect children at risk for developmental or behavioral problems with community resources.
Learn the Signs. Act Early. 7/6/2009
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's "Learn the Signs. Act Early." campaign provides a variety of tools and materials to help parents recognize the signs of developmental disabilities such as autism. The site also includes useful materials for health care providers, child care providers, and campaign partners.
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Last updated: September 10, 2014.