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HIPAA Security Risk Assessment 8/13/2014
This online tool helps health care providers conduct security risk assessments for their protected health information.
Hour Exchange Portland Member Handbook 6/18/2014
Hour Exchange Portland is a program in which members perform community service to earn "time credits" they can use to pay for various services, including health care.
Predicting Casualty Severity and Hospital Capacity 6/18/2014
This planning tool helps hospitals predict the pattern of casualty severity and their capacity to provide care after a mass casualty event.
The Informed Decisions Toolbox 4/9/2014
The Informed Decision Toolbox contains information about evidence-based management strategies.
Health Information Technology Survey Compendium
This compendium contains a set of publicly available surveys to assist organizations in evaluating health IT (information technology).
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Last updated: September 10, 2014.