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Toolkit-Supported Safety Rounds With Staff and Patients Enhance Reporting of Medical Errors and Near Misses 7/16/2014
The Dana-Farber Cancer Institute uses safety rounds with staff and patients, supported by a toolkit, to promote a culture of safety and reduce medical errors by proactively identifying and addressing potential safety problems.
Teamwork Enhancement Program Improves Obstetric Care in a Military Hospital 4/23/2014
An evidence-based teamwork and communication program implemented in the labor and delivery unit of Madigan Army Medical Center led to an improved care process.
Patient- and Family-Centered Care Initiative Is Associated With High Patient Satisfaction and Positive Outcomes for Total Joint Replacement Patients 4/9/2014
Magee-Womens Hospital of the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center implemented the Patient and Family Centered Care Methodology and Practice, a low-technology, systems-based approach to inpatient care that focuses on providing care from the patient's and family’s perspective; the program is associated with high rates of patient satisfaction, functional status, and adherence to evidence-based care protocols, along with low infection rates and length of stay.
Group Music and Exercise Classes Improve Range of Motion in Select Joints in Very Young Burn Patients 3/26/2014
A group music and exercise program for very young burn victims enhances active range of motion in assessed joints.
Pediatric Palliative Care Program Improves Communication, Reduces Patient Suffering, and Helps Parents Feel More Prepared for Child's End-of-Life Experience 11/20/2013
The Pediatric Advanced Care Team is a pediatric palliative care consult service that provides intensive symptom management as well as honest, complete, and sensitive communication with patients and families.
Becoming a High Reliability Organization: Operational Advice for Hospital Leaders 12/18/2013
This document is written for hospital leaders interested in providing safer and higher quality care. It presents the thoughts, successes, and failures of hospital leaders who have used concepts of high reliability to make patient care better.
CAHPS (Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems) In-Center Hemodialysis Survey and Reporting Kit 12/18/2013
The CAHPS (Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems) In-Center Hemodialysis Survey and Reporting Kit contains survey instruments and the information needed to administer this survey to patients and to analyze and report the results.
10 Patient Safety Tips for Hospitals 10/9/2013
This 2-page fact sheet provides 10 tips that hospitals can implement to improve patient safety, based on findings from patient safety projects sponsored by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality since 2001.
Hospital Survey on Patient Safety Culture 10/9/2013
This staff survey and database is designed to help hospitals assess the culture of safety in their institutions.
Creating Equity Reports: A Guide for Hospitals 11/28/2012
This tool helps hospitals prepare equity reports, which identify ethnic and racial disparities in organizations and suggest ways to reduce them.
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Last updated: July 16, 2014.