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Heart Failure Disease Management Improves Outcomes and Reduces Costs 4/9/2014
Essentia Health Heart and Vascular Center created a heart failure program combining chronic care and disease management principles to improve outcomes and reduce costs associated with heart failure care.
Separate Emergency Center for Older Patients Leads to High Levels of Patient Satisfaction, Detection of Polypharmacy, Increased Volume of Patients, and Low Rate of Return Visits 4/9/2014
A separate emergency center for older patients includes physical features to reduce anxiety and discomfort, staff trained in geriatric care, and routine followup monitoring after discharge, leading to high levels of patient satisfaction, detection of polypharmacy, increased patient volume, and a low rate of return visits.
Case Management and Home Assessments Reduce Asthma-Related Admissions, Emergency Visits, and Missed School Days in Diverse Urban Children 2/26/2014
Case management combined with in-home environmental assessment and remediation of environmental triggers reduce asthma-related hospitalizations, emergency department visits, missed school days, and missed parent work days in diverse, low-income urban children with asthma.
Medical Outreach to HIV Patients in Unstable Housing Increases Use of Care and HIV-Related Medications and Improves Patient Perceptions of Quality 2/12/2014
The Medical Outreach Program enhanced services provided to unstably housed, minority individuals with human immunodeficiency virus by including physicians on the community outreach team who provide general medical consultation, triage, acute care, evaluation, and prescriptions for needed medications.
Comprehensive Orthopedic Surgical Program to Improve Patient Experience Increases Satisfaction, Reduces Length of Stay, and Allows More Patients to Be Discharged Directly Home 1/15/2014
A comprehensive program to improve patient experience before, during, and after orthopedic surgery leads to improved satisfaction, higher patient volume, and better patient outcomes.
A Guide to Primary Care of People with HIV/AIDS, 2004 Edition 4/9/2014
This 180-page guide addresses several important aspects of primary care and treatment for patients with HIV/AIDS.
Try This: Best Practices in Nursing Care to Older Adults 4/10/2013
Try This is a series of assessment tools where each issue focuses on a topic specific to the older adult population. The content is directed to orient and encourage all nurses to understand the special needs of older adults and utilize the highest standards of practice in caring for the elderly.
Adapting Your Practice: General Recommendations for the Care of Homeless Patients 1/11/2012
This document describes the standards for the optimal care of people who are homeless or marginally housed that were developed by the Health Care for the Homeless Clinicians’ Network for health care professionals, students, and ancillary personnel who have minimal experience working with homeless patients.
Tuberculosis: The Connection between TB and HIV (the AIDS virus) 4/11/2008
This brochure provides information about the connection between tuberculosis and human immunodeficiency virus infection.

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