Transcript of AHRQ Innovations Exchange Podcast

Why The HUB Approach to Integration and Care Coordination?

Narrated by Judith Warren

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Hello, my name is Judith Warren and I am the Executive Director of Health Care Access Now, which is based in Cincinnati, Ohio. Health Care Access Now is a non-profit organization, which was established in 2009 to build partnerships across the various healthcare providers and social service providers in southwest Ohio and northern Kentucky. Today’s topic is “Why the Hub Approach to Integration and Care Coordination?” The HUB is an effective model for populations who have multiple needs that require services from various providers.

Often, the door that many individuals walk through with multiple needs such as housing, transportation, finances, and lack of insurance, is the healthcare door. We serve as the connectors by providing the navigation support not only for patients but also for the organizations to work out the arrangements so that patients can move comfortably across systems. They can identify the barriers to care, and then we can address those barriers by the community health worker connecting across agencies and across systems. The manual identifies how to organize the stakeholders, providers, and the agencies in a community in a given geographic area; identify the population to be served, and then the process to make sure the patients are properly identified and connected to care.

The HUB approach uses data and outcome measures to make sure resources are appropriately targeted, which is another advantage. Another role of a HUB is to be able to represent and to negotiate one contract on behalf of multiple small agencies that will benefit all of them. This is preferable to each agency taking on the responsibility of working with Medicaid managed care plans to establish contracts, which is time-consuming and tedious. The HUB manual also provides information on how to design and develop your tracking system. So these are just a few of the reasons for adopting the HUB approach.

To download your free copy of the HUB manual, please visit the AHRQ Health Care Innovations Exchange website at www.innovations.ahrq.gov.