Transcript of AHRQ Innovations Exchange Podcast

Lessons Learned from Creating a Community HUB

Narrated by Dr. Jim Walton

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Hi, my name is Dr. Jim Walton. I’m the Medical Director for Project Access Dallas, which is a community HUB connected to the Dallas County Medical Society, that’s been working for the last 10 years to coordinate care for people living in Dallas County at risk of not receiving adequate healthcare.

A Guide to Building a Community HUB referenced on the AHRQ Web site would have been a great asset for us as we started our journey in trying to serve a highly under-served population that included the immigrant population living in Dallas County. As most people know, Dallas County is challenged by having a high percentage of uninsured people as well as a sub-population of undocumented immigrants. As we got started, there were a number of safety net and charity clinics that were interested in serving this population to reduce their health disparities.

The HUB manual that has been developed would certainly give some direction on how to address problems that would come about during the collaboration phase of creating the community HUB. For example, when a number of stakeholders came together in Dallas, we realized that some were economically more challenged than others. As such, it was incumbent upon the stakeholders that were at the table to better understand how they could support community-not-for-profit safety net clinics so they could continue to participate in the development of the community HUB and serve the under-served population in our community.

So, when we consider connecting those at risk to care, having a guide or having someone to help guide you along the path is extremely important. In our case, we created that path as we went along, discovering different elements of the solutions that we were going to need as we moved through the process. Most importantly, we developed deep and profound relationships with one another. I think that a HUB manual will assist other communities by enabling them to develop a community HUB in a shorter time period with a lot less headaches and conflicts along the way.

To download your free copy of the HUB manual, please visit the AHRQ Health Care Innovations Exchange website at www.innovations.ahrq.gov.