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Systems of Care/Patient-Centered Medical Home Initiative: Primary Care–Specialty Care Compact


The Primary Care–Specialty Care Compact was developed by the Systems of Care/Patient-Centered Medical Home Initiative, which seeks to improve systems of care by supporting physicians in becoming medical homes and working with specialists to uplink medical homes into integrated medical neighborhoods. The purpose of the compact is to improve care and build and sustain trusted medical neighborhoods through a defined communication protocol. It specifies key areas of a mutual care management agreement such as transitions of care, access, collaborative care management, and patient communication.

There are currently two versions of the compact:
  1. 101 Basic Version: Serves as a framework for care coordination agreements between physicians
  2. Expanded Version: Incorporates definitions, care coordination agreements, and key clinical information to be exchanged during shared patient care between physicians


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Colorado Medical Society; Systems of Care/Patient-Centered Medical Home Initiative

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Colorado Health Foundation

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  • Release Date: 10/2010
  • Original Summary: 01/2013
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