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AHRQ Chartered Value Exchanges: Public Reporting Web Sites


This Web page provides links to public reporting Web sites sponsored by Chartered Value Exchanges (CVEs) or stakeholders affiliated with a CVE. The public reports provide information on physician, hospital, and health plan performance.

CVEs included are:
  • California Chartered Value Exchange
  • Colorado Value Exchange
  • Kansas—Kansas City Quality Improvement Consortium
  • Louisiana Health Care Quality Forum
  • Maine Chartered Value Exchange Alliance
  • Massachusetts Chartered Value Exchange
  • Michigan—Alliance for Health
  • Michigan—Greater Detroit Area Health Council
  • Minnesota Healthcare Value Exchange
  • Nevada Partnership for Value-Driven Health Care
  • Ohio—Health Improvement Collaborative of Greater Cincinnati and HealthBridge
  • Oregon Health Care Quality Corporation
  • Pennsylvania—Aligning Forces for Quality-South Central PA
  • Tennessee—Healthy Memphis Common Table
  • Utah Partnership for Value-Driven Health Care
  • Virginia Health Care Alliance
  • Washington—Puget Sound Health Alliance
  • Wisconsin Healthcare Value Exchange
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