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Adult Brain Tumors Treatment – Physician Data Query (PDQ®)


This PDQ cancer information summary for health professionals provides comprehensive, peer-reviewed, evidence-based information about the classification and treatment of adult brain tumors. This tool is available in English and Spanish.

This tool is organized into the following sections:

  • General information
  • Classification
  • Treatment option overview
  • Brain stem gliomas
  • Pineal astrocytic tumors
  • Pilocytic astrocytomas
  • Diffuse astrocytomas
  • Anaplastic astrocytomas
  • Glioblastoma
  • Oligodendroglial tumors
  • Mixed gliomas
  • Ependymal tumors
  • Embryonal cell tumors: Medulloblastoma
  • Pineal parenchymal tumors
  • Meningeal tumors
  • Germ cell tumors
  • Tumors of the sellar region: Craniopharyngioma
  • Recurrent brain tumors
  • Metastatic brain tumors


National Cancer Institute

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National Cancer Institute

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  • Release Date: 02/2007
  • Review Date: 11/2007
  • Original Summary: 02/2007
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