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Medication Use Safety Training (MUST) for Seniors™


The Medication Use Safety Training (MUST) for Seniors program is designed as an interactive, national initiative to promote safe and appropriate medicine use by enabling older adults to avoid medication misuse, recognize and manage common side effects, and improve medicine use knowledge, attitudes, and skills to avoid medication errors.

MUST for Seniors can be offered to community-based, ambulatory older adults. Older individuals and family caregivers are also encouraged to use the Web site and to participate in the program.

The Web site offers the following program materials:
  • Fact sheets
  • PowerPoint slide presentation
  • Video stories
  • Booklets
  • Participant worksheet
  • Featured articles
  • Links to external resources
Links to the Tool:
This tool is available at:


National Council on Patient Information and Education

Funding Sources

AstraZeneca; National Council on Patient Information and Education

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  • Original Summary: 03/2011
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