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Patient Safety Toolbox for States


This electronic toolbox is intended to provide States with tools they can use or modify as they develop or improve adverse event reporting systems. The tool box includes information (policies, practices, forms, reports, methods, and contracts) related to State reporting systems, links to other Web resources, and fast facts and issues related to patient safety.

This tool box is organized as follows:
  • Profiles of States (and the District of Columbia) with adverse event reporting systems
  • Content area
    • Background information
      • Advisory groups
      • States' authorizing statutes and regulations
      • Public reports
      • Web sites of State reporting systems  
    • Data collection tools
      • Lists of clarifications of reportable events
      • Reportable event forms
      • User's guides for facilities
    • Data analysis tools
      • Minnesota adverse health events measurement guide
      • Tools for evaluating root causes and contributing factors
      • Tools that enable facilities to conduct analyses 
    • Data feedback tools
      • Alerts and advisories
      • Legislative reports
      • Public reports
    • Other useful tools and resources
Links to the Tool:
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National Academy for State Health Policy

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The Commonwealth Fund

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  • Release Date: 02/2007
  • Original Summary: 02/2007
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