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Expanding Interpreter Role To Include Advocacy and Care Coordination Improves Efficiency and Leads to High Patient and Provider Satisfaction

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1: The Advocacy role must be applied in all hospitals in the USA
That is my dream to see the role of interpreter to expand to the advocacy and the care coordination. The regular role of the interpreter helps but the patients still need more help and support. I am sure if the hospitals increased the advocates interpreters in their staff they will benefit a lot on all levels, financially and satisfactory from all sides.
sameh abdelkader, Friday, July 26, 2013 12:18 pm| Other; Other
2: LEP Role
Hello Sameh, thank you for the support. As you already may know, the LEP role also has to be implemented with caution as Advocacy still have so many barriers. It is important to follow the code of ethics and the standards of practice at all times when interpreting.

When I advocate, it is outside of the session of interpreting. I do not make assumptions for my LEP patient and family as a cultural expert. In many ways, I advocate in terms of language access, healthcare access and cultural barriers. I make sure to ask for meaning and not assume meaning.

I'd say that the right person for the position will have to have interpreting training and cultural competence training along with working enough in the different cultural groups and settings in order to be helpful and not harmful.
Maikhou Vang, Friday, July 26, 2013 2:56 pm| Hospital; Other
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