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Hoag End of Life Care


This site provides important information and a guide about end-of-life care. While some of the services are specific to Hoag Hospital, most of the information is general enough for anyone dealing with end-of-life needs.

Visitors to the site can read about the following:
  • Comfort and care
    • Support for the end of life
    • The final stages
    • Suggestions on coping
  • The next steps
    • Things to take care of now
    • Talking to children
    • For families and friends
    • The cycle of grief
    • Dealing with your grief
    • Suggestions for conquering depression
    • Commonly shared feelings
  • Support services
    • Coping with your loss
    • Pastoral care
    • Patient relations
    • Social services
    • Caring staff
  • Bereavement resources
    • Local
    • National
    • Selecting a service provider
    • Selecting a mortuary
    • Funeral costs
    • Information about death benefits
    • Social security benefits
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Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian

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