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Patient-Centered Care Improvement Guide


This 241-page guide helps hospitals implement practices to become more patient centered.It outlines best practices and addresses common barriers to implementing patient-centered care.

It addresses the following topics:
  • Patient-centered care: An idea whose time has come
  • How to use the patient-centered care improvement guide
  • Self-assessment tool
  • Patient-centered care as culture change
  • The myths of patient-centered care
  • Setting the stage, strengthening the foundation: Strategies for engaging leadership, staff, physicians, volunteers, patients, and families
  • Practical approaches for building a patient-centered culture
  • Patient-centered approaches to data and technology
  • Personal strategies: What you can do now
The appendix includes a list of practices and tools.


Picker Institute, Inc.; Planetree, Inc.

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Picker Institute, Inc.

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  • Release Date: 10/2008
  • Original Summary: 11/2008
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