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Will It Work Here? A Decisionmaker's Guide to Adopting Innovations


This guide promotes evidence-based decisionmaking and helps decisionmakers determine whether an innovation would be a good fit—or an appropriate stretch—for their health care organization.

The guide includes the following:
  • Module I: Does the innovation fit?
    • What is the innovation?
    • Does it further our goals?
    • Is it compatible with our organization?
  • Module II: Should we do it here?
    • What are the potential benefits?
    • What are the potential costs?
    • Can we build a business case?
    • What are the risks?
  • Module III: Can we do it here?
    • Are we ready for this change?
    • What changes will we have to make?
    • Do we have the ingredients for success?
  • Module IV: How will we do it here?
    • How will we measure the impact of the innovation?
    • Can we try the innovation first?
    • How will we implement the innovation?
  • Index of tools
  • Case studies
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  • Release Date: 09/2008
  • Original Summary: 11/2008
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