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Detecting and Treating Thyroid Nodules and Cancer Before, During, and After Pregnancy: A Patient's Guide


This patient guide is based on clinical guidelines written to help physicians who are evaluating and treating various types of thyroid dysfunction in women before, during, and after their pregnancy.

This guide addresses the following questions:

  • Who is at higher risk of thyroid nodules and thyroid cancer during pregnancy?
  • What special considerations apply to the diagnosis and management of thyroid nodules during pregnancy?
  • What is the recommended treatment for thyroid nodules?
  • What can you do to help your treatment process?


The Hormone Foundation

Funding Sources

The Hormone Foundation; The Endocrine Society

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Links to National Guideline Clearinghouse or National Quality Measures Clearinghouse:

This tool is derived from the following guideline in the National Guideline Clearinghouse (NGC): Management of thyroid dysfunction during pregnancy and postpartum: an Endocrine Society clinical practice guideline:


  • Release Date: 10/2007
  • Original Summary: 01/2008
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Last updated: August 28, 2013.