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Resources to Implement Cross-Cultural Clinical Practice Guidelines for Medicaid Practitioners: Physician Toolkit and Curriculum


This toolkit will help providers apply the Cross-Cultural Clinical Practice Guidelines, which were written for primary care practitioners serving racially, ethnically, and linguistically diverse Medicaid populations in various outpatient settings. It introduces the fundamentals of cross-cultural practice and offers steps and processes essential to delivering high-quality care to culturally diverse populations.

The toolkit includes the following sections:

  • Introduction and rationale
  • Overview of health disparities
  • Cultural considerations in health care
  • Clinical assessment processes
    • Cross-cultural views on diagnostic and treatment practices
    • Eliciting patient views
    • Patient cultural assessment
    • Sample case study
    • Summary action points
  • Treatment planning and adherence
    • Considerations in treatment planning
    • Factors influencing treatment adherence
    • Negotiating treatment adherence
    • Summary action points
  • Patient communication and education
    • Cultural factors affecting communication
    • Verbal and non-verbal communication styles
    • Working with language barriers
    • Patient education during the medical encounter
    • Summary action points
  • Clinical decisionmaking
    • Factors affecting clinical decisionmaking
    • Sample case study
    • Summary action points
  • Organizational supports and system tools
    • Impacting system change
    • Quality improvement planning
    • Interpreter service arrangements
    • Additional supports
  •  Appendixes
    • Sample patient cultural assessment tool
    • Summary evaluation of case study
    • Sample case examples of cultural competence quality improvement plans
    • Summary of culturally and linguistically appropriate services standards
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University of Massachusetts Medical School

Funding Sources

Office of Minority Health; U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

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  • Release Date: 03/2004
  • Original Summary: 04/2006
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