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Interim Immunization Recommendations for Individuals Displaced by a Disaster


This tool provides recommendations to ensure that children, adolescents, and adults displaced by a disaster are protected against vaccine-preventable diseases in accordance with current recommendations and to reduce the likelihood of outbreaks of vaccine-preventable diseases when living in large crowded group settings.

This tool addresses the following topics:

  • Recommended immunizations (if immunization records are and are not available)
    • Children aged 10 years and younger
    • Children and adolescents (aged 11-18 years)
    • Adults (aged >18 years)
    • School requirements
  • Recommended immunizations for those living in crowded group settings
    • Documentation
    • Standard immunization practices
    • Diarrheal diseases
    • Rabies
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Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

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Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

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  • Release Date: 09/2005
  • Original Summary: 09/2005
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